Back again this year to one of the most fun places to be. I don’t think I’ll ever be bored of Disneyland. I’ve been going for so many years with my family and there’s just so much to do. This years’ ‘Disney group’ was my older sister, mum, and friend Ruby.

We arrived on the Eurostar, Gare du Nord, Paris on 4th January – you can read all about this by clicking here //  PARIS, PARIS, PARIS.

The official Disney trip began on the 5th January and carried through until the next day. There’s so much to do so the longer you’ve got in the park the better! I could never choose which park, Disneyland or Walt Disney Studio Park, so if you can; do as much of both of them as possible. Each park has mixture of the best rides!

Disneyland Park

A family tradition means we always have to go on Small World, it’s also so cute you wouldn’t want to miss it anyway.

Ruby and I queued for what felt like forever (probably only an hour but you get my point) for the Indiana Jones ride and let’s just say, it was over really quick! This is just my experience. You don’t have to take my word for it but I feel it’s only worth the wait if you’ve got time or you hit lucky and the queue is really short!

Last year when my sister and I came to Disneyland, the Pirates of the Caribbean ride was shut. We were so disappointed because not only is it the best box set film but it’s also one of the best rides at Disney. However, this year it was open and oh my goodness …. it has only gotten better! The ‘pirates’ are so realistic that for some I had to do a double take to check it wasn’t an actual human… no joke they have mastered the movements and timings so perfectly.

Now I didn’t go on it this year but mum and Ruby did and I know how much they loved it. Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain (basically Space Mountain but created as if your were in space, in the new Star Wars film).   I’ve never seen Star Wars so it wasn’t of much interest to me but I know how much they loved it as they kept going back again and again, so I thought I better add it to the list.

Another one where you queue for so long but this time it’s definitely worth it is Peter Pan’s Flight: it’s so pretty. It’s designed to look like you’re flying over London. I’d say this one’s definitely worth the wait.

Another favourite will also be Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups.   I love Alice in Wonderland, especially Tim Burton’s version (it’s my absolute favourite). This ride is also a such a cute place to take photos! My sister and I took some photos last year which I have previously included in my post about Disney but I’ll add them again so you know what I’m talking about.

It’s even lovely at night time when all the lights above the tea cups are lit up.

TIP// Another great place to take photos in The Disney park is in Fantasyland. It’s a little sit down cafe area called March Hare and it’s so sweet. Lots of pastel coloured table and chairs enclosed in a little garden. 

There are so many cute places to take photos so definitely lookout for them.

Another thing I hadn’t noticed before which my sister told me about this time, are the areas where you can take photos, right near the castle, which minimise the amount of people in the background.

The area just behind Ruby and I it is in that little gated bit. 

TIP// Everyone is so friendly at Disney so ask people to take photos of all of you together! Sophie and I were alone at this point so we asked a man to take our picture.  Turns out it was like he’d brought half of the population of the Disney park with him and they all gathered round, waiting and watching us, as he took our photo! So embarrassing but so funny too.  In the end we took a photo for them as well.


Walt Disney Studios Park

This was the first time I’d been on it and it was automatically in my favourites. Ratatouille, if you haven’t seen the film then I don’t know how much you’ll love it but it’s one of my favourite Disney films and so I found it amazing. It’s a 3D experience, so you sit with 3D glasses on in a little moving cart that takes you around ‘the kitchen’ the way its designed is incredible and so well thought out. You honestly get so caught up in it that you feel so on edge. We did this one single riders because there was such a short queue time for it, you don’t notice anyone else in your cart though so it’s worth it.

Crush’s coaster... this will always have the funniest memories attached to it. I’d never miss this one off your list as its 100%, one of the best. You sit in a turtle shell and are ‘taken by the current’ it’s honestly so scary but so much fun. This time Ruby and I went on single riders since the queue was supposedly shorter but it wasn’t and we ended up sitting next to strangers and on a ride like that it’s more fun to know the person next to you. So for this one I definitely recommend you queue that extra bit longer.

I don’t remember this ride being so frighting: The Hollywood Tower Of Terror.  You’re basically in this elevator that drops and then suddenly stops, open the ‘elevator doors’ and you see out on to the whole park. It then drops again and takes you back up to the top just to drop you again and so on. I remember this being one of my favourite rides and so I was sure I had to do it again… what I didn’t remember is that all you have around you is an old lap belt and the handle attached to the seat for you to hold on to. As soon as I realised that I was terrified and had visions of the ride not being able to catch the ‘carriage thing’ and just falling straight to the floor. This is then all I could think of whenever we dropped and I was sure this time we were falling for too long… thankfully it caught us and eventually, after what felt like the longest ride ever, it was over. Definitely do it though, I wouldn’t miss it out.

Previously, one that we always skipped out on, because it didn’t look worth it, was RC Racer.   On this trip, Ruby and I queued (for quite a long time) and it was so worth it. Definitely ask the person who’s working on the ride if you can sit at the front if you’re able because the ride is no doubt a better experience. That said, it is amazing but quite scary. RC Racer is based on Toy Story and the toy car in the film; you’re on a race track that Disney describe as a ‘half-pipe coaster’ which speeds you back and forth on the track but takes you really high! It’s a lot of fun.

Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop, is always a fun one! Especially if something like Hollywood Tower of Terror is too much and you want something a little calmer.

This definitely has some great rides and great places to take pictures.


Words can’t describe how amazing the Disney Illumination show is. This show is basically a video of lots of different clips from Disney films projected onto Sleeping Beauty’s Castle while music, fireworks and all sorts of special effects go off to the timing of the video. It’s amazing and I wouldn’t miss it. There’s light projects, fireworks, water fountains all sorts of stuff to make it amazing. I don’t think it’s on throughout the whole year though so make sure to plan your trip accordingly. I knew how amazing it was because I briefly saw it when I was little, but I was so young, tired and short that I didn’t see much. This meant that this year I was determined to be at the front. Mum queued with me while Sophie and Ruby went on more rides. TIP// The rides usually have a shorter waiting time at this point then any other time in the day because of everyone queuing for the show!   If you’ve seen it once, then spend the next couple of nights on rides while not so many people are around.  Anyway, we ended up with a better view than I ever thought we would so I owe a lot of thanks to my mum for waiting with me. Luckily she loved it as much as I did so I didn’t feel too bad haha.

I always try and watch at least one parade or maybe just catch it as it’s going through the area I’m in. The parades are always amazing and they play the cutest songs.

This year was a new parade with an amazing dragon that breathed actual fire.  It was so cool as I never thought they could do something like that in such a small area as there are people standing quite near on either side.

TIP// Always download the ‘Disneyland Paris’ app! It’s free and tells you roughly what all the queue times are in both parks! It also lets you know show times and where they are so you make sure to not miss anything. Also if you’re going with younger children or you just want to meet the characters it has a whole list of times where each character will be and where about in the park which is really cool.

Hope you enjoyed the post and if I missed any tips that you have, let me know!

What’s your favourite ride at Disney?

Hugs and Kisses

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