Planning a trip to Amsterdam 


So for my best friend’s birthday I booked us two tickets to fly to Amsterdam on the 15th February for one night! She has always wanted to go to Amsterdam to visit the Anne Frank museum and this is something I would love to do too.

However, when booking the tickets I wasn’t really thinking as it was a late night in November and so I booked our flight for 7.00am. Which sounded fine until I realised we are both at a concert with our other best friend on the 14th February which doesn’t finish until around 11.30pm (not accounting for extra songs) and we leave for the airport at 4am! But after realising my mistake I’ve come to the conclusion we will just have to sleep on the drive to the airport and the plane (even if it’s only an hour long)

I’m so excited but nervous at the same time, as this will be the first time we will be both flying without our parents.

The Plan.

Arrival time in Amsterdam on Wednesday 15th February is 09.10: spend the whole day exploring and taking photos. We will stay one night at a local airbnb and then head out to visit the Anne Frank Museum the next day. Our flight departs Thursday 16th February at 21.40 leaving us to arrive in London at 21.45. It’s a short trip but it will hopefully be an amazing experience.

Hugs and Kisses

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  1. Katie Sarll
    January 29, 2017 / 11:08 am

    I’m so excited, thank you, bestesf friend ever?

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